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“Trusted Advisor” – Ken & Sherry Fernandez

“Seamless and Easy Process” – Robert & Patricia Englehorn

“Heart of a Teacher” – Michael & Julie Gee

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Sam, Mandy, Spencer, Allie, & Dallin Testimonial

Sam & Mandy“Without question Kent goes above and beyond the job description and he did that for us in walking us through the process of selling our first home and then by helping us work with the builder of our current home.  With his help preparing, staging, photographing, and marketing, we had a full price offer within days of putting our home on the market.   His background experience also enabled him to give us great insight regarding the process of building and quality of craftsmanship we should look for in building our current home.  We have now had time to settle in and we are incredibly grateful for the exceptional service and heart he has extended to us, even months later.  He was always one step ahead when it came to answering our endless questions, calming our concerns, preparing and coordinating paperwork, going to bat for us when needed, and even entertaining our little ones during our closing.  Our experience working with Kent gave us a very high standard of professionalism and character we should expect from a Realtor and as long as he is in the business, we’ll buy and sell with him.  Our experience was not the exception; we know that you will share that same experience as you work with him.”

Adam & Tricia Crist Testimonial

Crist Testimonial“Kent, We have so enjoyed working with you! We never could h ave believed the miracles you worked!! Thank you for helping us find a beautiful home, and sell the other. Thank you for opening your home to us and being so generous with your time. You really are the best!”



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Gary & Darla Carroll Testimonial

“This is just a little note of appreciation for everything you have done for us these past months.  You are terrific in every way and we could not ask for better help.  We very much appreciate you and your friendship.”

Taylor Holt Testimonial

“Thank you for your help in guiding me through the purchase of my first home. You have truly been amazing to work with!”


Joe & Megan Landen Testimonial

Landen Testimonial“Kent, Thank you so much for your friendship and professional expert help selling our house! We have felt very blessed as we realized how much we could trust you to give us sound advice. It was priceless!”







Rebecca & Andrew Teets Testimonial

“We are really settling in, and the longer we’re here, the more I’m glad that we listened to your advice and came to see this home. You were a fount of wisdom for us. Since we’d never purchased a home before, it was wonderful to be able to learn from your experience. You were a fantastic guide down a path that could be very intimidating. I was so grateful that if I had a question, I knew that I could count on you for good advice. You really listened between the lines when showing us homes, and were able to not only find, but convince us to go see a house that we had flat out not even considered. If you hadn’t done that, I’m sure we’d still be looking! I was also grateful for all of your recommendations for people we could use to help expedite our purchase. Who would have thought it’s possible to find and purchase a home in just two and a half weeks? I’d been dreading a search that would take months while we waited for OUR house to finally become available. Your contacts and referrals were, without a doubt in my mind, what got us to the people who could get the job done well and fast. They each were just as methodical and motivated as you were. I know it was truly a team effort to get our house closed so quickly! I would have absolutely no reservations about recommending you to anyone that I know if they needed to buy or sell a house. I witnessed your dedication in the late nights you had in our behalf (three nights in a row of looking at houses, not to mention staying up until midnight to make sure our offer was written, signed, and sent ASAP!) I also saw it in the prompt responses you gave us when we had questions, and the recommendations you made so that we could accomplish our search and purchase in record time. Don’t go anywhere; I’m going to need you in a few years! I know that you were absolutely the right guy for the job, and I know that as soon as we grow out of this house, you are DEFINITELY the guy for selling it and helping us find our next one!”

Stan & Anne Carroll Darger Testimonial

“Kent, We are overjoyed with the service you provided to our family selling our home. We have moved several times and have never had the thoroughness and breadth of service you provided to us. It began with the preparation for staging, the repairs and updates, the staging, the marketing, the open houses and showings, the negotiations and finally the sale. We never thought the house would sell in 51 days for a price very near our asking price. It is a nice home, but it was your preparation and marketing that drew the buyers to the home. You anticipated every question and detail from start to finish before we even thought to ask. You are a true professional. You bring to your career the same high ideals, trustworthiness, and energy that you display as a friend. We offer the highest recommendation!”

The McGee Family Testimonial

McGee Testimonial“If you would have asked us three months ago if we were moving this year, we would have told you no.  As much as our growing family needed a new home we had resigned ourselves to the fact that the market wouldn’t allow us to move anytime soon. However, through an odd turn of events we began working with Kent and to our delight, found we could in fact get out of our house.  With his advice (we strongly suggest you follow it) and a lot of hard work, our house was on the market.  Within a week we had a full price offer on the table and were on our way to our new home!  Kent was wonderful, always there to answer questions and had a ‘guy’ for everything from flooring to AC.  When it came to our new house Kent worked relentlessly to get us the best deal possible on our new house, despite the seller being very difficult to work with.  We are thrilled with our new home and can’t wait to make our new memories here.”

Jordan & Katie Morales Testimonial

Morales Testimonial“Kent made our first home purchase a fun, exciting, and easy experience. He works relentlessly to get a feel for what you’re looking for; asks questions and listens, watches and pays attention to your reactions and thoughts to homes you’re looking at, and remembers it all. We looked at quite a few homes and each visit helped him get us into the perfect house. We had so much fun working with Kent and knew each step of the way that he cared about us and had us taken care of. His staff are top notch and had all the bases covered so we could get into our new home quickly. We plan on being here for a while but hope Kent will still be involved in Real Estate when we decide to move next.”




Logan & Kyerra Higbee Testimonial

“We started working with J. Kent Erickson in August of 2012, when we began looking to buy a home. He was very helpful and accommodating to the very short time frame that we had to drive up to look at houses. We appreciated that he was patient with us as we were very particular in what we were looking for in a house and for all of the time that he spent with us. We also appreciated his input on things, as well, informing us of things that we may or may not have been aware of. We were very pleased with the service that Kent gave us, as well as that of his assistant. We would definitely recommend Kent to anyone!”

Stan Darger Testimonial

“Once again, in about two years, you have served our family as a friend and as an outstanding real estate professional. Thank you.”

Charles & Gloria Mohica Testimonial

“We would not buy or sell a home without Kent. Kent is not only our Realtor, but our friend. He made buying a home a lot easier and less stressful. His devotion and patience in assisting us in finding the right home and at the right price was very commendable. Thank you Kent.”

Dale & Peggy Testimonial

Annmarie & Mike Cline Testimonial

“We knew Kent through working with him at church and knew him to be a caring and upstanding individual with a lot on the ball. Among other realtors he was the best choice, and once we chose him, he worked hard for us. Kent Erickson went out of his way to help us sell our house. Yes, it was his job to sell our home, but he went above and beyond the call, and did things not required of a real estate agent, and even spent some of his own money to help make our home more sellable. He hired us a stager, replaced lights and towel fixtures in the bathroom, and helped us find contractors to lay our carpets and kitchen floor. When it came to buying a house, we had to do it very quickly, and he was ready at every stage of the process to help us find, and purchase a home. He carefully weeded out unsuitable homes and tried to make sure the houses he did show us were in realm of actual possibility. He spent a lot of time explaining the lawyer-ease in the paperwork, and when we wanted to have the time to read over what we were going to sign, he made sure we had extra copies of everything that we could take home and peruse. It took us longer to sell our home than everyone anticipated, but Kent kept at it until it sold, and when it did, he expertly guided us through the negotiations. Kent was very patient with explaining the process of both buying and selling, and making sure we knew all our option. We would highly recommend Kent as a friend, and as a Realtor.”

Jerome & Amber Jones Testimonial

Jones Testimonial“Kent made purchasing our first home a wonderful experience. From the beginning we felt that we were in good hands and well taken care of. Kent made sure we understood the process, understood his role, and that we were not stressed. Our needs were specific, and it was wonderful to work with someone who put our concerns first. We needed a home that our family could grow into, a yard our dogs would enjoy, and room for a photography studio. Kent listened attentively to our particular wants and needs, giving his input where appropriate. He showed us homes in our price range, and gave solid recommendations based on our values and his expertise in the industry. In the end he found us a wonderful home that was comfortably in our budget. Through the entire process we felt catered to and not rushed. And above all, we always felt that Kent had our best interest in mind. We can’t thank you enough Kent!”


Christina & Albert Kang Testimonial

“Kent, Thank you for helping us attain the house of our dreams! 🙂 We are definitely having a great time rehabilitating our home. I bet you wouldn’t even recognize it any more. With all our appreciation, Christina & Albert”

Don & Lana Bell Testimonial

“I’€™ve used J. Kent on several sales/purchases in the last five years and he has always exceeded my sales time and gotten me an excellent sales agreement. He is an excellent negotiator without being “pushy”€. Kent is very patient and thorough. I would highly recommend J. Kent Erickson to anyone needing real estate services.”

Daniel & RaeLene Durrant Testimonial

“J. Kent Erickson was phenomenal! He did an excellent job helping us sell our home a few years ago. So when we were ready to buy another home we had no doubt who to use. He helped find the perfect home for us. He showed us every option we could think of. He was very informative about what we might need and what to look for in our perfect home. I highly recommend him!” 

Carly Judd Testimonial

As a real estate videographer I’ve observed from a different point of view the way that J.Kent presents the homes he sells. Very few agents I’ve worked with invest as much time, commitment, and energy into their job. Truly a quality operation with genuine passion.

Fontanna Dahling Testimonial

Our home sold in one day! Offers great advice and puts in as much time and effort as it takes when you’re searching for a new home. It’s emotional and he is patient about that.

Jack Owen Testimonial

Looking for a real estate agent who will truly represent YOU? You’ve just found him – Kent Erickson! Staunch integrity, super professional, keeps YOU as his priority. You need not search further.

Gordon & Barbara McGee Testimonial

“Kent is extremely professional, knowledgeable and would get our house sold. Sale was made shortly after price was dropped. We appreciated the handling of the first offer while keeping a secondary offer in play. We appreciated Rachel Brand coming to our hotel and delivering a historical scrapbook to Gordon. Glad everything fell into place and home sold so that we could get moved to North Carolina.”